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1 montaj na vodomer

Water-meter Installation

2 montaj na mivka

Hand-basin / Sink Installation

3 montaj na bateriq

Mixing Tap Installation

4 montaj monoblok

Monobloc Toilet Installation

5 montaj na toaletna

Toilet Installation

6 montaj na boiler

Boiler Installation

7 montaj na peralnq

Washing Machine Installation

8 montaj na toaletno kazanche

Flushing Cistern Installation

9 montaj na vgradeno kazanche

Hidden Flushing Cistern Installation

10 montaj na dush

Shower Installation

11 montaj na vgraden dush

Hidden Shower Installation

12 montaj na vgraden smesitel

Hidden Mixing Tap Installation

13 montaj na omekotitelna sistema

Water Softening System Installation

14 otkrivane na techove

Finding Leaks

15 montaj na trybi za chista voda

Installation of Clean Water Pipes

16 montaj na kanalizacionni trybi

Installation of Toilet Water Pipes

17 montaj na aksesoari

Accessories Installation

18 montaj na podov sifon za banq bez kyrtene

Floor Drain Installation

19 montaj na bide

Bidet Installation

20 remont na toaletno kazanche

Flushing Cistern Repair

21 remont na bateriq

Mixing Tap Repair

22 kyrtene

Tear Down

23 podmqna na trybi

Pipes and Riser Connections Replacement

24 otpushvane na kanali


The prices are indicative and depend on the actual repair.
An exact price can be determined after an on-site inspection.


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“VIK Uslugi Varna” (translates “Plumbing Services Varna”) is founded in 1996. The company specializes in repairs in residential buildings and construction services in residential and commercial buildings. We are carrying out all kinds of home repairs, replacement of old water supply pipelines, as well as designing and constructing new water supply pipeline systems. We use only professional equipment and strive to deliver swift and high quality services while preserving our clients’ property. Before delivering the job we always perform an inspection and guarantee full satisfaction with the end result. We are proud to have hundreds of happy clients attesting to our rich experience.



Hotels – complete design and construction of water supply systems
Residential Buildings – complete design and construction of water supply systems
Home Repairs



Working time:

Monday to Sunday – From 0800 to 1930.
In emergency situations – around the clock.

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